This war is noise.

April 11, 2010, 2:52 am
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4 days and I finally got a message, and then no real follow up afterwards.

Not sorry at all, but oh well.

Real discussion shall be had.

I’ve been talking alot with Nathan :] its been really good.

And had a bit of a surprise yesterday x] good surprise though.

Love is incredible sometimes.

Started going further in FF13, hurrah for not needing to train anymore x] got the final Eidolon for Vanille.

Went shopping on friday with mum, nanny and granda and my uncle, and it was fairly hilarious lol they’re all equally as daft lol.

Avon on monday, almost prepapred for that I suppose.

Im tired alot, cos I havnt been sleeping. Not out of choice either.

On friday, I was running on one hour of sleep, was pretty brutal lol.

And now my back is bothering me again and my sleeping pattern is messed.

Andersons having a hard time again :/ sucks really, after him doing so well.

Suicide..more and more frequent these days, hm.

I finally got a letter from the hospital about an appointment with my back.

So I shall be ringing on monday about that.

Claymore has been really good so far. Shall be watching more of it later on.

Caught up with Charlotte, thats been nice too.


Hope all is well.


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