This war is noise.

Life is strange.
May 27, 2010, 12:31 am
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Kind words from friends…friend…

Havnt talked to Nathan in 3 days. After not talking to him for 6. He rushed off…I wish he didnt hurt me like he does.

Blast from the past one morning, still weirdly affected me.

I made an appt to go to the hospital, think its a review after having my gallbladder out.

I’ve read all 9 available Vampire Knight manga books over 2 days. I love them. I cant wait for book 10! It shall continue on from where the anime left off!

I’ve loved being able to see the extras ^.^ aswell as having the character portrayed from the anime into it.

Sara will be home this weekend, I shall text her. :]

I wish I could speak/read japanese.

Im getting close to the end of FF13, Chapter 12 now.

My brother shall be getting Red Dead Redemption tomorrow.

I think I want to try and draw some of the characters from Vampire Knight, to see if I could do anything like it.

For some reason it inspires me.

Avon done yesterday.

I need to start exercising as much as I was again.

And less chocolateĀ  u.u”


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