This war is noise.

Almost halfway.
June 14, 2010, 2:38 pm
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I was ill yesterday, certainly wasnt feeling too great.

I waited today to talk to him. Looking forward to it.

He appears, Im happy.

He says nothing for half an hour, then leaves suddenly without saying anything.

And he wasnt even online an hour.

Then I start crying.

I was told to go kill myself the night before last by another person.

Another person doesnt want to talk about whats bothering them, which is fine but I feel shut out.

And I havnt heard from another in half a month.

My mother is being difficult for the sake of it.

I feel like Im not really important to anyone.

I might be, or probably am,  blowing it up in my head but Im a person too.

I have feelings too.

And I feel like no one gives a fuck that I do.

No one wants to give a fuck.

Maybe I should take the advice.

I have the hospital tomorrow.

Almost feel like asking to be euthanised.

Who would even care?

I think the answer to that is what really upsets me.



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