This war is noise.

Something positive.
June 25, 2010, 4:18 am
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I finally got out of my bad feeling rut a couple days after my last post. And now Im feeling okay.

Certain theories have come to light in my head.

The timing for one, and a certain plan, could be the reason for such a long time.

10 1/2 days so far.

Shopping today, in 5 hours or so.

And the post :] which shall have stuff for meeee x]

I got Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days yesterday, along with ze guide, and have been playing it to pass the time this morning, been pretty good.

The intro was really good too.

And I like how its playing and stuff so far.

Yay Roxas and Axel xD and seasalt icecream.

Larxene is a total bitch >.> lol.

So far anyways.

Rewatched ghost in the shell, the first two films again. And I like them alot more the second time round.

Which Im glad of, since my brother got the two series that follow on from that, and last film, and this other thing, which we’re not sure if its a seperate film again or part of one of the series hes got.

Anyways! Looking forward to that.

Aswell as MGS Peacewalker, yayyy, interesting already too.

Like in the :O! way.

Shall be getting the new Vampire Knight book early xD cant WAIT.

And Im getting Alice In Wonderland on dvd [finally] anddd a saw doctors cd.

Oh and mums getting the princess and the frog.

[and Im getting a vampire knight bag] weeeeee lol.

Think it was time for some theraputic spending lol.

Though the ed hardy perfume I got was kinda that.

Looks pretty and smells so goooooooooood.

Anyways, far better mood now indeed.

And not letting things get to me.

For now.

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