This war is noise.

4 days later?
July 8, 2010, 9:31 am
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I feel alot more positive now.

I reflected properly on things, and Im in the right mindframe for things now.

Im prepared for all outcomes.

I had physio on monday, despite the person giving me a lift deciding getting wrecked the night before was more important, and having to change transport arrangements, it went really well.

I also understand more of whats happened with me, and why I’ve had the pain.

After my surgery, I didnt really adjust to being straight up again, after being in a state of scoliosis for 2 years, and I was afraid of ending up drifting over to the left again like I had before, so that fear caused me to stiffen myself up, and at the same time within 6 months I had my gallbladder removal, and so was putting myself in positions to deal with the pain of that, which were probably not most favourable to my back, and so I was stiffening into such positions, and with pain, exercised less, made it worse, etc.

Also the lack of physio was a big part of it.

So Im fully aware of how Im going now, which is good.

Dads in the home this week.

Im feeling generally better :]

Hope all is well.

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