This war is noise.

Prepared for…wait, what?
July 15, 2010, 12:16 pm
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So I go getting myself all emotionally prepared for whatever outcome was to follow on from that previous blogpost.

The conversation comes.

And a completely different idea blindsides me.

He agrees with that I said.

I was completely shocked lol.

So things are on the score they were before, we’ve been talking alot about stuff.

His Birthday is in 3 days.

Im concerned in a weird way cos I want to ask, but then Im not sure if thats what hes being funny about today.

We’ve had a couple really good days, then he didnt come online last night, and I know why, and now hes went kinda funny so I dont really know I guess.

The saga continues huh lol.

Dad came back from the home on Sunday but was completely mental, sent to the hospital Monday morning, and they couldnt find a trigger.

His overall health is just deteriorating.

They were gonna try and send him home while he was still mental from the hospital, and they had no mission.

Though hes getting home today cos apparently hes come around alot more.

Caught up a bit with Caraline from school, which was so odd, but cool at the same time.

She looks exactly the same to me, but Im apparently way different lol.

Well anyways, hope all is well :]


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