This war is noise.

Things addressed, thoughts expressed.
September 26, 2010, 10:04 pm
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Counselling went well. Another thing tackled.

Trying to pinpoint things I’ve used as coping mechanisms.

I knew it’d come up sooner or later.


The starving and restricting.

Shes given me advice, shes trained to deal with eating disorders and stuff so.

Thats good :]

Also tackled something strange, that I didnt realise I did.

I avoid giving straight forward answers. And me thinking Im usually so direct.

But with adults, I guess I dont trust them enough or something.

Try and say what you think they want to hear.

And I use avoidance language to say things that imply what I really mean.

7 more sessions to go I guess.

I kinda wish I didnt have a limit, cos it makes me think of..what’ll happen next?

Can I deal with this in that amount of time?

If I cant, will I just be left?

I cant pay for it, so..

Is it pointless to begin with? Maybe I should ask that?

I think I will.

I’ve redyed my hair :] turned out how I wanted it to.

My brother made fifteens for us, and they’re pretty nice.

Bit heavy though.

Seasalt and black pepper wedges are super nice.

Getting over the flu I had now, though my hearing and smell and taste are still a bit dull.

Been watching Witch Hunter Robin, its really good.

And, might have a fantasy crush on Amon lolol.

How typical huh?

Theres always a character you end up really liking in animes though.

I missed him attempting to talk to me today, again, I think its 3 times in a week that thats happened lol.

I’ll get to talk to him tomorrow though :]

This week coming looks to be busy too.

Doctors tuesday, Job centre wednesday, counselling thursday, shopping friday.

I need to tidy out my room, seriously, I know I keep saying it lol but I really do.

Crackerbread and Coleraine mild cheddar is really nice.

I really want to draw characters from Legaia.

And maybe the coverart symbol.

Hope all is well :]


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