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Update of sorts.
October 4, 2010, 1:23 pm
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Well, the visit to the job centre went pretty well, Im going back on to the condition management program finally, now that my physio is almost over. I bought a couple of books and some candles since I was in a fairly good mood, and then when I got home, I got the letter I didnt want.


So its another appointment with Citizens Advice x] but yeah, hopefully I’ll get things sorted.

Thursday, had my next counselling appointment, was getting difficult again, but in a good way, and it’ll be two weeks again til I see her.

I really feel like Im going to get somewhere, wherever that is, Im not sure.

Still been keeping in touch with Sara :]  its nice having her to talk to about this stuff.

I’ve been talking to him kinda regularly :] which has been nice. We’ve been fairly close too, which is good.

I probably need to have a talk about a couple of things though, that I’ve just been kinda avoiding I suppose.

Had the doctors on friday and my blood pressure has come down a fair bit so thats good 😀

Saturday I was trying to spend most of it alone lol.

And yesterday I actually started tidying out my room finally lol. Which I have to continue soon.

Today I’ve been doing the avon and waiting for him to appear, hopefully x]

Though I read something I shouldnt have. And now Im paying for it x] but oh well.

Like I’ve said before, I’d rather know.

Looks like next week is going to be busy for me.

Having the scope down on tuesday, counselling thursday and condition management program on friday.

At least for this week I just have citizens advice x]

Oh and when tidying out my room, I dropped a dvd on my keyboard and jammed my S key, and when trying to unjam it it came right out so I have to get a replacement x] my cousins bf works with computers thankfully so hes going to get me one and put it in for me ;D yay lol.

Least I can still use it for now aswell, cos S is pretty common lol.

Hope all is well :]


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