This war is noise.

Late than never?
November 27, 2010, 4:44 pm
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Yes late but still happening x]

Yesterday went alright I suppose, went shopping and mum was irritating me most of the time but I did okay.

Got a new cd, My Chemical Romance’s new album, its pretty good.

Also got word of my dads best friend dying the night before. He was in the same kinda state that dad was in 4 years ago, so its a little strange to think of him actually dying. And he was supposed to be getting better. But it obviously turned out not to be.

Its kinda strange to think of where we live without the guy now, hes always been here.

Hes worked in our house.

Anyways, when my brother got home, we walked the dog, and I had a really long and frank discussion about things, regarding mum and our situation, everything to do with how life is atm.

And I felt alot better for venting and making myself more heard, in the proper way. And when I got in I repeated my new phrase to myself x] and I did believe it. Or start to, I dont want to jinx anything xP

When we got back he did more revision, before we played some Sengoku Basara, we played one story before he appeared online so I decided to talk to him [: and I physically did, on cam/microphone, which was nice.

I was talking to Sara at the same time, and we talked grand but, I got a weird feeling about it. Maybe it was nothing.

In any case, after they both left I went to sleep [:


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