This war is noise.

Its a shame Im not writing like I thought I’d be lol.
November 30, 2010, 1:43 am
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We’ve had snow! Alot of snow, and I’ve not been letting it stop me from doing things.

And I’ve taken some nice pictures.

I havnt really had anything major happen the last couple days so I didnt feel any great need for typing it up.

I have been sleeping a bit off again though, getting to sleep later and waking up later, but I think that’ll change pretty soon.

My brother passed his driving theory test, wayhey!

Im happy for him.

I’ve kinda decided I’d like to start getting lessons again.

I want to be able to just drive, have that freedom.

The snow has made it pretty bad for driving lol so I dunno whether I’ll be able to get to castlewellan tomorrow x] we’ll have to wait and see.

Dart is completely gone now, dead, cremated, the lot.

Its so strange to think of him living here as long as I have, someone known to me as my dads best friend, and now he is gone.

I shall have to ring and see if Sara can still come for her birthday.

I have been treating myself like I deserve more, its rather strange. Nothing major, just expressing myself a bit more.

I left half a bowl of soup today. It was really filling and I felt like I had to stop, so I did.

Was weird, but a good kind of weird.

I’ve been playing alot of Persona 3 lately, Shinjiro just died :[ I dont like it one bit! Lol.

Its probably silly cos, hes a character from a game, but those kinda things tend to genuinely affect me.

Deaths in games/books/shows. That I like/am invested in.



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