This war is noise.

Yesterday was such a mix.
December 2, 2010, 10:44 am
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It was Sara’s birthday yesterday, she came down to visit :]

My brother came home early from work so, we were all home for her coming down.

We had lunch together, gave her her presents, which she loved ;D and then watched the end of a christmassy programme on disney. Thennnn, Sara suggested we make a snowman outside.

We’d never made one before, and although I knew it’d be a bit of a physical challenge xP I said well why not lol.

So we spent a good hour I think making it, turned out to be a snow lady x]

Sharon McSnowbust, shes pretty excellent lol.

So we’d had a really good day.

Then mum went ahead and made me pretty angry.

She had come back from my grandparents and said “Your nanny says you’ve to give me £200, and she’ll give me the other to get the oil filled up for the winter”. My reaction? Wtf.

For one, I am a person, not a cash machine A. you should fucking ask me rather than command me. B. you shouldnt use nanny as some sort of cover for you demanding money off me. and C. why are you putting nothing towards YOUR bill, and expecting everyone else to just bail you out?

And another thing, I have my own bills to pay, where am I supposed to pull that from?

I am not the new dad in this house, that you just demand money from and have no consideration for, so you can go and fuck yourself.

Went a bit like that.

My brother, for once, actually picked up on it and was pretty annoyed too, I think after I had the word with him, hes started noticing it aswell.

She likes to play someone off and isolate someone in the house, and its moved from dad to me, and it wont be, cos Im getting help and realising the situation, and Im also making my brother aware.

She did the same thing later on too, commanded me to do something instead of asking, its her whole attitude towards it.

And my brother noticed it again too.

So at least Im not alone in seeing whats going on.


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