This war is noise.

Let it…snow?
December 7, 2010, 2:17 am
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Its been five days since the last post so, figured I better put something down x]

Its been snowing pretty heavy today, so Im not sure if I’ll have counselling tomorrow, I hope I will, but its been pretty heavy all over, and the buses and all stopped today lol.

New Blazblue game, its good, but infuriating lol.

Got the avon sorted, thankfully.

The house is decorated for christmas [: which is nice.

Bonnie had a bit of a scare with one of the decorations lol she was lying on the sofa asleep, and one of the star ceiling decorations fell off and landed on top of her, she races upstairs into my room, you’d have thought a person was rushing into the room, and I noticed her shaking, so I went downstairs and checked, then laughed so bad x] but she stayed with me that night lol.

Hot chocolate lipbalm is pretty nice [:

I’ve been kinda inspired to draw again, might start that up.

Reading Vampire Knight still [:

Hope all is well.


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