This war is noise.

Happy New Year.
January 1, 2011, 2:33 pm
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As this is my birthmonth, Im going to make a conscious effort to post everyday, for at least this month anyways 😛

Im rather glad to see the back of 2010, was a fairly rough year for me.

Christmas day ended up being not so great, as I kinda thought.

I felt disappointed, and then dinner turned out grim, the atmosphere in the house was crap, we didnt do anything christmassy like watch films and stuff, didnt get to see my grandparents etc.

I heard from him the next day, and hes got a laptop of his own now, so I’ll hopefully be hearing from him alot more. And seeing too actually, we had a face to face conversation for the first time, it was really nice [:

I finished Persona 3 yesterday, it was really good, and I think I’ll definitely be replaying it.

I think Im going to focus on ff8 again next.

I got my Squall and Rinoa figures. I love them [:

I plan on getting Zack, Aeris and Cloud hopefully.

I have also been doing alot of thinking about what I want for this year.

I want to take an active part in making my life better this year.

Im going to exercise more – keep regular with my physio, start cycling again, go on the walks with my dog.

Im going to keep up my efforts with my eating.

Im going to get back to driving lessons.

Really focus on my counselling and getting better.

Im going to have a proper clearout in the next month.

Im going to start writing down, or possibly typing here, ideas about plans I want for the future.

I will then make plans for the future.

I want to see my few friends that have stuck by me more.

I want to make new friends.

I want to follow through on some ideas I’ve had but have either been afraid to impliment, or havnt believed I could.

I want to read alot more.

I want to finish some games I’ve been putting off aswell lol.

I want to seriously think about work, and a place of my own.

I want to all in all, be a happier person this year.

And feel like I have achieved it.



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