This war is noise.

You can go your own wayyy.

So, the second day of the year, and Im already facing less than enjoyable things.

Fortunately for myself, I have a better relationship with me now I think, Im able to take the facts, take how I feel about things, and make myself feel a bit better, and remember the value of myself.

Its a good feeling.

And also, yay for fleetwood mac.

Anyone unfamiliar with the song “Go Your Own Way”, please go find it and become familiar, its wonderful.

As is La Bamba, Los Lobos version :]

I’ve got back to Final Fantasy 8 and got the Seifer and Edea card ;D!!!!

Happy bunny am I.

Also been reading Alice in Wonderland/ Through the Looking Glass again, and I think Im understanding more and more why I like it so much, and why its so relevant to me.

Anyways, tomorrow, Im starting back to dog walking, and being activeeee. 😀

Hope all is well!


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