This war is noise.

Focusing my efforts.
January 5, 2011, 11:47 pm
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Today was fairly busy, woke up a little later than ideal but made up for it in not being lazy about getting ready x]

Visited my great aunt :] and got to spend more time with her than I thought, cos she finished clearing out the church in an hour thanks to the people helping, and managed to even walk the dog and come back before I had to go to counselling.

Talked through things and continue to understand more about me and stuff, and am going to be more proactive with my therapy now, to really instill what Im doing.

Then visited my aunt again for a bit, had a good chat, also got a card from her. :]

Had a nice taxi journey home. The car smelled better, thankfully x]

Visited my grandparents to help granda with his computer x] though nothing was wrong with it this time lol.

Watched that documentary about Britains fattest man, nice to see that his life was genuinely improving.

Im a little headachey right now so I think I’d better get some sleep, considering the time x]

Again typing a little late, though least this one is only a couple hours x]

Hope all is well.

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