This war is noise.

And all trace of Christmas is gone.
January 6, 2011, 10:53 pm
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Today when I woke up, mum had taken most of the decorations down, leaving just the tree (bare of ornaments) and the decorations on the window. I took apart and put away the tree, and cleared the window of the stickers, while watching the Iron Giant.

The end almost made me cry, but mum was there for the end, so I held myself together 😛

Had lunch and dinner, showered, walked bonnie, watched some tv and played some FF tactics.

On the walk, the stars were really bright, and the air was really clear :] it was nice.

Im getting alot of clear air now lately, mum has decided to quit smoking, I think today was her third day?

Im glad shes doing it.

I was meant to contact Sara again today and completely forgot, I really need to before she’d appear next week.

Its been a couple days now, and Im even more sure Im in the best frame of mind in regard to things with him right now.

I had a bit of a think in the shower and cried for awhile about stuff that’d been touched on in counselling.

Im getting more of my thoughts together thankfully.



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