This war is noise.

So this is a little late.
January 11, 2011, 1:17 am
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So I didnt quite get to the blogging the last 2 days, but Im going to date some posts like I had x]

Finished watching Baccano! :] It was pretty good, crazy, but good.

Had a decent talk with him, whether anything results from that, I honestly dont know.

But Im feeling grand about it :]

Was up at 5 or 6am doing that bloody questionaire D: and have been having some interesting conversations with someone again lol.

I have my medical cert and questionaire away, wayhey.

Finally got caught up on my sleep today.

Watched Psychic Wars, fairly funny lol.

Also watched some of the new Billy Connolly dvd, need to watch it properly though.

Still have my counselling homework to do, but I’ll be able to spend time properly on it now with the other stuff out of the way.

I have this interview to look forward to on friday.

I alsoooo have to tidy my room a bit more cos I just need more room lol.

I got the avon done today aswell so thats good 😀

Been playing plenty of ff8 too, which is always good [:

Im in Esthar!

Might be going to town tomorrow to visit my aunt, not sure yet.

But anyways, hope all is well!


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