This war is noise.

Oh whoops.
January 14, 2011, 11:01 pm
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I thought I had posted here more recently than I had :S

Well of course I’ll be posting now and catching uppp.

As far as wednesday, nothing major happened, still having trouble sleeping and feeling pretty rough because of it.

Thursday I had counselling, and had an assessment of sorts.

Im gonna need long term counselling. I kinda knew that anyway cos pretty much my entire memory of my life isnt going to be fixed in a few weeks…even in sixteen weeks.

I also identified that I have been kinda restless and feeling down and having trouble sleeping because of all the things the exercise I did for that session brought up, that didnt come to mind before.

Also got to see my aunt, which is always nice :]

And today, I had a reeeeeeeeally long day.

I woke up thinking “yayy, dont have anything to do or go to today, so I can go back to sleep if I want to and dont have to bother with anything” but then I remembered, work focused interview x.x lol.

So I had that today, and they are putting me in for where I left off last time, which Im glad about :]

Mum horrendously irritated me today, entirely inconsiderate.

My grandad is in hospital as they are looking into whats wrong with him further, I hope theres something immediately treatable, and that he doesnt just get fobbed off with pain medication and not a proper diagnosis.

I have a new exercise this time, and I have a feeling it will probably affect me a little more, but I know its going to help as far as assessing where Im at exactly.

And I used my eraseable pen so, I can go back and kinda correct stuff too.

I have 2 weeks for this one so, I can put in some real time and thought.

I missed his attempt to talk on wednesday and have heard nothing since. Im okay though :]

Hope all is well.


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