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The Magdalene Sisters.
January 21, 2011, 3:37 am
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Watched this film recently the whole way through, which I’d only seen clips of beforehand.

Its truly an amazing film, also rather haunting for me, as y’know, Irish, women, the last laundry closed as recent as 1996.

And for all those directly affected by those laundries, being detained, worked, isolated, abused, I couldnt imagine anything but huge respect for the strength in them.

In the film, based on the real life experiences of 4 girls specifically, I ended up being drawn to Bernadette most, and I think the picture of her at the end where they freeze the film and put up the information, was the epitome of her, looking fierce and strong in the picture.

I love that she took an idea for what she wanted for her life, and made it real, by all the means necessary that she could.  That she stood up for her life, herself, and Rose.

That she really would have beat those nuns with the candlestick lol.

I would advise everyone to see it, get it on dvd, whatever, but most importantly see it because it truly does move you, if you have any sort of heart 😛

Hope all is well.

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