This war is noise.

Caught up to a mixed feeling.
January 24, 2011, 11:32 pm
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Wayhey! I’ve caught up on my posts for this month 😀

Unfortunately, today wasnt so great to be talking about lol.

My back has still be stiff, sore, sad panda lol.

Got ready when I woke up and stuff, took the two cushions I’ve been sitting with at home in the car for the journey lol.

Also put my headphones in cos I didnt want to listen to my mum and brother talk about driving the whole way there, it gets fucking boring after a point, why not just drive and talk about something else? lol.

I was in pain so I was naturally disposed to be in a bad mood.

Then mum wouldnt let him drive to where we were going in town, had to be a few streets away, next to where you come into town, so again, wasnt impressed with that. So entirely selfish, and controlling, as usual.

Then went to the shop where my brother could trade in games and dvds etc which took such a longgggggggggg time lol.

Went around plenty of shops looking for shoes, no luck.

Was thoroughly depressed at this stage.

Then had to walk back to the car, in the rain.




Just, bad times lol.

Headphones back in on the way back, and lyrics triggered me and tears just started coming down my face, though I was quiet, so no one noticed, even though I was only in the back of the car behind them.

I really felt incredibly sad, and not considered in the entire day.

Though my brother did spend a little money getting me FFX-2, so that was nice :]

But yeah, I felt really bad today.


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