This war is noise.

So I intended to get shoes…
January 26, 2011, 11:30 pm
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…and instead came back with 4 tops, 8 pairs of studs, pair of clips, a new handbag, a nailfile and a neckscarf for a friend.

Also got mum a top for mothers day.

Went round all the shoe shops, no size 9s for girls.

Its easy to see why I’d get depressed shoe shopping lol.

I had a decent day though, despite the lack of shoes and boots in my size.

Missed getting my smaller avon order in the post though.

And got the most ridiculous letter from the DLA.

They wait 2 months to send me a letter just before christmas, apologising for not processing/dealing with my claim yet.

Then another month later, they are now asking why they didnt get my form a day earlier than they say they got it, so now I dont have the recorded delivery slip as it was THREE BLOODY MONTHS AGO, I cant prove otherwise. I think they are full of shit though, as usual.

Never done getting hassle from these people.

These people that should be making life a little less stressful for people with illnesses, rather than more so.

I wrote my letter last night, got rather emotional when doing so, cried a bit and such, but felt good about it still.

I meant to rewrite that exercise I did cos I believe I could do it better, but havnt yet, might do it in half an hour if Im still awake.

Best not to waste time if I cant sleep.

Still no word, again, not surprised.

Will be a week now tomorrow if I still dont, and I have counselling tomorrow so I’ll be out, which means, obviously, unlikely to hear anything lol.

Still doing my exercises and walking bonnie, back is gradually getting easier still.

Hope all is well :]


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