This war is noise.

I’ve given up on sparing.
February 1, 2011, 10:28 pm
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I’ve stopped holding my tongue a bit.

Probably not a good thing but I cant help how I feel anymore.

Now that I need more help, people are giving me less, so it seems.

No one has wanted to help me out, as far as lifts and stuff, ever since I was diagnosed with the severe depression.

And now I’ve actually mentioned it out loud, and no one has anything to say back.

Its hard not to think that Im just being avoided.

Either they dont want to be stuck with just me, or dont want to take me at all.

Feeling more and more unwanted.

Appeared, had a good reason, okay.

I really need to tidy the place.

No word back from the condition management people that I rang yesterday.

Why do I have to chase them?

Still no idea how Im getting to this thing on friday.

Hoping I’ll luck in somehow.

Part of me is really expecting to have to take two cushions into the bus and attempt that.

I think if I did have to do that.

I’d end up crying. Right there in the bus.

Im just at boiling point.

I’ve had enough.

My mood only subsided temporarily when I got Aerith.


I still have to write this letter to these dicks.

Ah I just cant be fucked with life right now.



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