This war is noise.

Updating indeed.
February 2, 2011, 7:47 pm
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So on wednesday I didnt do too much from what I can think of, just trying to get my work condition management appointment sorted, which again it was “we’ll get him to call you back” and then nothinggg.

Went shopping, and after going to the couple shops down the town, we came back to the car and it wouldnt start lol.

So mum called Tina to see if her son was around, as he is a mechanic, but she said no, her husband was though and he could come round and see if he could help, so he did, and it seemed one of the leads to the battery was lose, and the thing that holds it in place was cracked, so he tightened it enough to get the car started, then led us down to the house and we spent an hour with Tina which was nice.

Fixed her mobile problems too lol wouldnt ring for her.

Then we did the shopping, and continue to be spending significantly less, which is good.

Was pretty stressed out over all the appointment stuff, and not having a lift.

But this was remedied as I asked mum when shes giving Elaine over her avon, could she ask if she could possibly take me….and she could! 😀

Relieved lol.

Hope all is well.


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