This war is noise.

Didnt take too long.
February 4, 2011, 7:09 pm
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Again going to sleep way too late and having to get up early, I got a crafty extra couple hours of light sleep though.

Then went for my assessment. Elaine brought her dad too, cos we’d had pretty bad winds and trees had fallen down, so she was kinda nervous driving and didnt want to just with me and her, which is fair enough lol.

We had a really good chat, both ways.

I was only in the interview half an hour, which was good. I think it went alot better than my last experience of it. And I asked for the same sex doctor at the desk and they were really nice about it.

Everyone there this time was really nice actually.

I’ll hear in about a months time.

Went to a couple shops since we were in the city and then came across mum as we were driving down into the avenue so picked her up on the way round lol.

After my brother got home, we had dinner, walked the dog, then I really needed to sleep.

So I did til about 3am x] thats me caught up now 😛

Though I have more to write about, but I’ll do that later.



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