This war is noise.

You’re so disrespectful.
February 7, 2011, 9:47 pm
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Today was kinda slow, woke up 1pm.

Talked to Belly, watched Burst Angel, walked Bonnie.

Also talked to Sara, still no word about her results yet, which sucks D: and she sounded pretty tired.

My granda had his MRI scan today and handled it okay, so Im glad about that.

Mum disrespected me, quite in my face too, which made me angry.

Thing is, she doesnt even know shes doing it.

She thinks so little of my thoughts or feelings.

Or is oblivious completely.

Never takes responsibility.

For all the effort she put into trying to have kids, thats where the effort stopped.

At least into me.

Ben has disrespected me too, I talk or ask things, and he just bails without warning.

Did alot of thinking, about the prospect of being loved by no one.

Apart from possibly myself.

And its strange, kinda scary at times. Sometimes its an okay thought, sometimes upsets me.

Its not going to control me though, its just a shame that thats how things really could turn out.

That I didnt have the best start, and I could really have a bad middle and end.

Its hard thinking that I’ll never be that important to anyone, even when Im supposed to be.

That no one sees fit to treat me that way.

That people are more like to give up on me.

I really hope that’ll change.

That I’ll be okay.


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