This war is noise.

Almost a months escape.
March 6, 2011, 2:20 am
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So I didnt end up keeping up quite like I thought I would but, it was a trying month.

Very trying, february was out for me.

But Im back into thinking I should be taking note again.

So, little update.

Andersons been around a bit more lately, which has been nice :]

Counselling has been more difficult, alot more, but I guess thats more showing that its progressing.

2 discs left of wolfs rain to watch. Kinda dreading the end, I know its not a happy one really.

I seem to be getting my spark back for music, which Im SO glad about.

Cos nothing is more natural to me.

Music is my heart and soul, its my friend, its my comfort, and has been for as long as I can remember.

Getting back to singing alot has felt good too.

And looking back at music from when I was a kid, laughing at it, but enjoying it at the same time.

Also have done some serious talking and realisation within myself.

Im opening up a little more as time goes on.

Also officially on this condition management program now. 2 appointments coming up.

14th and 25th.

More nervous about the first one cos Im not entirely sure how Im going to handle it.

I mean I have my own counselling so…not sure I want to go starting a whole other process.

I mean Im guarded enough as it is, and a little muddled. I think it would confuse the issue.

But I’ll be able to voice that Im fairly sure.

Also had that review about my stomach finally, apparently they found something and didnt tell me for a whole 4 1/2 months.

But they dont know what it is, “but we dont want you to worry, its not cancer or anything” Im like wtf lol dont just drop that on me, I would never assume it is!

So they want to do another scope test on me..eugh.

I hope its more like my first than second.

Getting through all the sidequests before getting to the heavy stuff leading to disc 4 in ff8.

Also only 19 days til the new Dissidia game comes out, which is exciting :]

Bonnie hasnt been well this past week, was at the vet on monday and although shes limping less, shes now not eating.

Just going out of her way to be difficult huh lol.

My granda is doing better, which is great.

Things between me and him are, whatever at this point. Its pretty distant and uncertain.

But I know in myself I’m gonna be okay, whatever happens.

Im hoping March will be a bit easier x]

Hope all is well.


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