This war is noise.

Your pain will move you forward,
May 11, 2011, 5:18 am
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Or cut you down.

So my sleeping patterns are still messed up.

Im still getting upset about things pretty easy at night.

5 days, though Im not surprised. Dont even know what that is anymore.

Eating is downhill.

Life generally downhill lol.

Counselling isnt going to be a barrel of laughs tomorrow.

And I have condition management and shopping today.

And shall be doing it on >zero< sleep.

Otherwise I might just not get this pattern sorted.

And end up worse off.

I beat Persona 3 FES today :] it ended well.

Next thing Im finishing is Okami.

If I dont do the soup thing today, then I wont have at all.

And considering we are going shopping, I really do want to do it.

At least once.

Why does everything have to be so difficult with me?

This is a natural thing for everyone else.

Part of me has really wanted to escape again lately.

Escape in the most finite way possible.

You get where Im going, Im sure.

I just dont see how things will ever turn around for me.

Its hard to see.

I am so clouded in the negatives, that I might not actually ever see a clear day.

But then I dont think they are just negatives, I think of them as realities.

I dont know if they are to anyone else, or to actual reality, but they are to me.

I so badly just wanted to be normal, my whole life.

Why cant I just be..?


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