This war is noise.

Are we, we are the waiting?
May 16, 2011, 1:40 am
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Green Day still stir something in me.

Maybe that album and that part of my life.

9 days before an appearance. And then, I dunno lol.

Such a shame about Anderson ;[ I really wish something truly good would happen to him.

He so deserves it.

I have counselling early this week, still on the topic of body image, so we’ll see how that goes.

Have a feeling I also have physio early this week too. Need to recheck lol.

But since Im pretty sore atm, not super happy about that either.

Decided I really was sick of things being untidy looking, needed to hoover and change my sheets too.

Think I overdid it though, due to the pain after lol.

But no ones ever offering to help me, or would if I asked either I imagine.

Even though I dont ask for much D:

I’d def like to do more soon though, need to keep up the momentum.

Awaiting my 5 new manga, Alice in the country of Hearts – you can tell why I just had to get that when I found it 😛

Slowly getting gradually further collecting stray beads in Okami, before going back to Kamui.

In any case, feeling a little better than before.

Hope all is well.


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