This war is noise.

I just found God where he always was.
June 4, 2011, 2:25 am
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Day 04 – Your views on religion.

Well Im an Atheist, so that speaks for itself lol.

But I suppose to rightly put forward my opinion/interpretation in all its glory 😛

As an atheist, I reject all current ideas put forward and all existing religions.

This does not mean I am not open to anything else that could arise.

So its not as “blind faith” as fundamentalism, which is kinda what alot of atheists are known to put forward.

I do pretty much go directly down the scientific route, and prefer evidence based explanations.

But Im not “blinded” to anything else because of that.

The most negative aspects I see about it are the use of it to manipulate people, instill fear and promote ignorance.

And the most positives are the hope and charity.


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