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30 facts? ;o
June 6, 2011, 11:54 am
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Day 06 – Write 30 interesting facts about yourself.

1. I was born in a different country to where I live now.

2. I’ve had major spine surgery, before I was 21.

3. I had a song played by the headlining band dedicated to me for my 18th Birthday.

4. I got to see Nine Inch Nails before they stopped touring.

5. I’ve seen Muse and Foo Fighters live, and plan to see Blink 182 next year. Last major on the list to see will be Jimmy Eat World. :]

6. I could sing before I could talk.

7. I can play piano/keyboard and sing. I tried recorder, guitar and clarinet along the way.

8. I have alot of stuffed animals, some as old as I am, some even older.

9. I love learning, picking things up just to do so.

10. Im pretty good at wordsearches.

11. I learned to sew primarily to be able to fix my stuffed animals.

12. I have an A level in politics, despite being very ill at the time I had to do it.

13. I no longer have a gallbladder.

14. I had an extra tooth. (normal baby and then 2 adult teeth)

15. I’ve appeared on TV.

16. I can do a little line dancing.

17. I’ve always loved books and reading, my favourite things – other than my favourite bear – were Once Upon A Time audio books.

18. Im a total sucker for teen films and tv shows. (Especially One Tree Hill it seems x]).

19. I have Coulrophobia.

20. I love anime and manga.

21. I also enjoy video games, my favourite series being Final Fantasy, and my favourite game ever being Legend of Legaia.

22. I’ve fallen down stairs and landed upside down.

23. I’ve done the monkey to Monkey Wrench.

24. I met the love of my life on msn chat a month before it closed. At 14.

25. I managed to push away someone who’d been close enough to me for almost 3 years, with one word.

26. I have a dog, which is a mix between a great dane, a staffy and something else. Shes gorgeous.

27. I love nature and animals, I recently adopted an Amur Leopard 😛

28. Im 6ft, which is fairly tall for a girl. I was 5’9 by the time I was 11.

29. Im a virgin and proud of it.

30. I’ve been depressed essentially for 12 years.


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