This war is noise.

Be the first to believe.
June 18, 2011, 11:58 pm
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Day 18 – Your beliefs.

I assume because religion has been covered already that this is more general so, here goes I suppose lol.

I am an atheist. I believe the life we live now is all we have and that we should do our best to live it how we truly want to.

I believe there are certainly things that are unexplained, but that made up theories in between time before its found out isnt good enough.

I believe the world could be in much better shape than it is, if people werent so selfish and self centered.

I believe it will have to be someone in power to even start changing that.

Unless the majority of people in the world remove those in power and begin to change things themselves.

I believe ignorance and people being complacent is a very dangerous thing.

I believe we should question everything, the day you stop, you know something is wrong.

I believe the more we discover, the less social we’re becoming.

There is alot of separation and isolation occuring, and its not a good thing.

I believe the traditional sense of family and community has also suffered by this.

I believe people give themselves too many excuses instead of solutions.

I believe we avoid having control to avoid having responsibility.

I believe the world is a beautiful thing, but some things about it can be very ugly.

I believe music is truly magical.

And finally, I believe this blog post is done. 😛


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