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Stay in school!
June 20, 2011, 7:07 pm
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Day 20 ā€“ How important you think education is.

I think education is one of the most important things.

How well educated a population is, is how well its going to run, interact, prosper, flourish.

It is an amazing influence on everyones life.

And although we all complain on a rainy monday, sitting in what seems like an incredibly boring classroom, studying something you’d rather skip and hang out with your friends instead…its so important to everything you do.

And I believe that religion and politics should not dictate anything to do with education and should remain removed. I also believe finances should not dictate whether people have access to the right education or not. The brightest and most wonderful people can come from the most modest of upbringings.

Education is to promote curiosity, questioning, thinking, aswell as receiving those answers, letting you form opinions of your own.

I believe alot of countries do not put enough effort into it.

And that people that discourage learning, attaching stigmas and calling people names, are lessening, at least in my experience, I cant really comment on kids now.

I was lucky in that I went to school were it was good to learn, we all liked learning, all liked getting good marks, being the best we could be.

I believe the people teaching really do have alot of influence in those growing up, and if done so with enthusiasm, patience, encouragement and understanding, create wonderful people.


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