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June 27, 2011, 11:26 pm
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Day 27 – A problem that you have had.

I suppose a very big problem, and one of the most life affecting, is what happened with my spine.

Perfectly normal for almost 18 years of my life, apart from a couple occasions of back pain.

I was at a uni open day, just started the term, beginning of upper sixth year.

I had been fine the first half of the day, and at the time was sitting on a step talking with two of my friends.

I went to get up and my back just went. I didnt understand it at the time, that I was having trouble walking, moving even, having alot of pain.

I went to see a doctor, after things not improving for a couple of days. He told me I had growing pains. I havnt trusted him since.

Within 2 weeks I went to see a different doctor, who said I should get to hospital ASAP.

For the first 3 months or so, I wasnt told anything, just had lots of tests.

Only found out when they started looking for other things, that they’d first been looking for cancer.

With my age, which was still 17 at the time, and how quickly it happened and how bad it was, they were almost assuming it until they completely ruled it out. And of course they dont tell you either way until they are sure, so as not to frighten you.

After that, I soon found out I had 3 prolapsed discs, which were pressing on my sciatic nerve on the left side, and had a scoliosis.

I spent two years in pretty much isolation, apart from a couple of random visits from friends, and appointments for physio and tests.

The person I seen most was my brother, who helped me as much as he could, going to tech and things.

But I was largely forgotten about, and when I did try and go downstairs or something, I was quickly told to go back upstairs by mum.

She really let me down during the time I was really ill, giving me barely any help at all.

Especially when my 19th birthday was completely forgotten about.

Its upsetting to think about even now, especially when she couldnt even be bothered until april, when it was in january.

After I agreed an operation looked like the only option to improve my life, I ended up being lucky, getting an appointment with one of the english doctors making surgeries back and forth to lower waiting lists, and had spine surgery in a BUPA hospital in yorkshire, by a pretty amazing doctor.



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