This war is noise.

August 26, 2011, 12:27 am
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“Its hard to believe me, it never gets easy,

I guess I knew that all along..”

I think of Brandon Heat from Gungrave all the time with that song.

But its a song that means alot to me, about me and my life up to now.

Think I knew it as soon as I heard it.

I’ve listened to it alot again lately, brought back alot of feelings and has helped me through some new ones.

Things are shifting, moving, redefining themselves.

The more you learn the less you know.

At least as far as people are concerned.

Perceptions well and truly blown of a few people related to me even.

I’ve been feeling really tired in the evenings, and a bit sore.

The cracks are showing, I got majorly upset over that whole photo thing, despite only getting truly upset when left by myself.

I really need to apply what I know, and start changing this repetitive cycle of me being unhappy and unheard due to other peoples action.

Need to look out for myself first cos no one else.

Im important too.

Im a person.

Not something for you to use or have around when its convenient.

Or some secret you keep to yourself.

Im here and Im real.