This war is noise.

January 21, 2012, 3:39 am
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With all the the focus on SOPA and PIPA, we need to be aware of other acts that will be snuck through while we arent paying attention.

ACTA is just as bad, or even worse than SOPA.

This is also a WORLDWIDE ACT, not localised to one continent.

For information on how this could affect you if passed, please watch this video.

To sign the petition against it, visit here.

I hope all these ridiculous bills are rejected, and that no more are proposed in the future.

They do not reflect what the people that do use the internet want.



Happy New Year! :D Im ready, 2012.
January 1, 2012, 1:27 am
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On a bit of a more positive note than the previous entry!

I hope you all had a great christmas and are enjoying New years :]

I had a really good christmas 😀

Sara and Andy visited christmas eve, I got all really nice and unexpected gifts, and everyone liked theirs that I got for them x] and after we had a really nice dinner [which the only one to finish was me!], we spent a few hours with my grandparents, and it was really nice.

Its amazing that I can really tell the difference in a year if I compare this christmas to last.

And Im feeling really good this new years eve!

Or…new years morning now I guess? lol.

But yes, I did some exercise, had a shower, and then put the bagpipes on at the stroke of midnight, auld lang syne :] dont think Im ever as in touch with the scottish part of me as I am on new years eve.

Reminds me how much I love the culture, the music, and the country itself.

And the people that I briefly grew up and started my life around before we moved back here.

And this year, another change, I actually have resolutions, which I feel a great determination to accomplish!

1. Im gonna work out every day to be where Im at for the Blink 182 gig in June, and beyond. Im gonna get back to doing my physio too again as after it settled I kinda got lax with it. But I know its what I want. Im also gonna get back into the habit of walking bo too, ever since winter properly came in I havnt been out with her again.

2. Im gonna keep tweeking and changing up my eating in order to keep it on the right track. Im also going to make sure I keep a handle on my sleeping patterns, as it does affect my overall health.

3. Im gonna take more pictures. From 2008-2010, I took  pictures all the time, then in 2011 I stopped, so Im definitely going to get back to that again.

4. Im going to focus even more, and work even harder with counselling.

5. Im going to let my hair grow longer again. Its going in the right direction, and my medication is in a fairly stable place now.

6. Im gonna keep focused and develop my artistic skills in the new outlets I have been exploring.

7. Im going to continue and work hard on my relationships with people.

8. Im definitely going to write more, Im letting too much go by, and with me being on medication, there are things I dont want to forget…or that would just be useful to remember lol.

9. Im going to try and sing, properly, full and all out, everyday. And remember to take time for myself.

10. And finallyyy, Im going to think less and do more. Nothing rash, just make decisions, support myself emotionally, do what I know I want to do.

Im really looking forward to being an active part in making this year good for myself. :]

I hope you all will have a great 2012 too!