This war is noise.

Sore and tired.
February 11, 2013, 3:42 am
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I thought I’d post this since I think it did help me process some things last time.

And Im so tired of having trouble sleeping, though I think Im on my way to fixing it now.

Tired 2 hours earlier than last night, wayhey. x]

Im so sore, was tidying and such today, and with the sleep problem and it being patch change over day, it wasnt the most ideal situation, but I struggled through it, got it done and feel better for it.

Well, in my head anyway, my back definitely hates me for it.

Belly got back in touch with me again :] after so long, its been nice hearing from him again. Also managed to have a short conversation with Clare. She has not been well. I can relate.

Im feeling less of the impending doom that was there before, after a frank and solid discussion about general affairs relating to our household. I hope we stop ending up at a crisis point before something gets done about things.

I have the hospital twice this week, and possibly the nurse in the morning. I hope I get to sleep very soon if thats the case, as mum puts down “monday” when making the appointment, then tells me one monday and writes down another -.- lol.

I have more cleaning ahead, but the hardest part is the starting. And I have now, so yay for me x]

Hope all is well [:


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