This war is noise.

Ahhh, Howl.
April 21, 2013, 1:48 am
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So I finally watched Howl’s Moving Castle today, and I loooved it.

I was so happy with the ending too, cos you cant be too sure with anime films/anime in general!

Lol but yeah, it really made me want a Howl of my own.

I think its maybe the childishness lol with his tantrums, but no real ill will behind anything. Innocence and purity in his eyes.

Oh those eyes…lol.

As a 24 year old, I never thought I’d still be wishing for mythical men to come be a part of my life, or save me from it lol.

But I still do, be it the Goblin King Jareth from Labyrinth as a young girl…or a real life Howl now x]

I wish real life adult relationships could have that kind of wonder, because I still very much think that way.

Dreamy and unrealistic I suppose lol but I dunno, I find the thought of ever being with just a typical guy from my surroundings so unappealing. I have a very romantic view of the kind of situation I would like to ever arise.

But I dont think it will do.

You can hope for something different, someone that makes you feel that way.

But I really doubt there is in the real world.

Which is just a little depressing x] especially since Im not one for just settling.

Its frustrating too, to see personalities portrayed by whatever character, animated or not, very real life or completely unreal, and then not ever see them in real life. Especially when I tend to like or identify with them better.

Oh well, maybe one day, cant give up all hope afterall x]

Hope all is well.


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