This war is noise.

Oh the flu.
October 10, 2013, 6:23 pm
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Never seems as bad in memory, but while you have it, absolute nightmare.

Though I definitely think the one I’ve had this time has been the worst I have experienced.

Came out of nowhere and theres been so much physical pain along with this one.

Beechum caplets have been saving my life and sleep lol.

The first night of it full on, I physically couldn’t sleep until I took them at 4 am. My brain was in agony, I couldnt stop sneezing, my regular back pain and everything was playing up so hard.

Got my form away on tuesday, thankfully, so hopefully it will go away and stay away for another while.

I can’t deal with fighting them right now, I just can’t.

I obviously will if I have to, but it is going to put me in a very bad place if I do.

Counselling is still going well, despite varying intensity.

Things with him are not great, but Im not feeling bad about it.

It is down to him how this goes and I’m not invested in the outcome.

So I will be fine either way it goes.

I’m giving him the responsibility back, I do not need to be dealing with the bad behaviour or feel responsible for it, or for managing my feelings caused by it.

Feeling better that way at least. :]