This war is noise.

Totally disgusted.

I’d like to start this post off with the complaint I’ve just made to Channel 4 regarding the topic of this post.

“As someone that has watched Channel 4 documentaries for a large portion of my life, I am outraged that you would make one about dog fighting and create a platform for people conducting this horrific activity. Projecting the opinions they give out, giving them some kind of validity in my view is 100% unacceptable. I will not be watching this particular documentary as animal cruelty is severely distressing to me personally, but I wanted to formally express my view that I find the fact that it was even made unacceptable. I find that you concealing people doing a really cruel and illegal activity is unacceptable. I understand that to make this programme you had to guarantee this concealment, when really, if there was any humane conscience coming into play, you’d be doing everything to comply with authorities to have these people arrested and their behaviour stopped. Even from the advert I seen tonight, in a small set of clips, I am fairly shocked that this is a level Channel 4 would go to, to disregard the absolute cruelty to animals, to make a programme that will attract attention, either positively or negatively. If people were doing this with children, I wonder would you still be willing to hide these people from conviction? Animals feel just as we do, and I am deeply saddened that this will be airing on Thursday, and even worse, in a tone that did not come across at all as condemning in the aforementioned advert. I know that this feedback will probably go on largely disregarded, someone working for the website will read it, maybe agree with me and simply move on, but I really hope someone in charge would take a minute and really think about what they are doing. I understand fully that someone is likely to justify it purely on the fact that its a story of what’s happening in small pockets of the country, or the world, freedom of the press, or whatever. But it’s still wrong letting these human beings, if you’re still likely to consider them as such, reach a wider audience spouting their disgusting opinions about their disgusting activities. Thank you to whoever reads this and I hope this documentary never airs. If it does, I hope there is enough complaints made that it never does again, and I also hope one is never made about dog fighting or any other cruel activity involving animal abuse perpetrated by humans again.”

This is something I feel very passionate about.

It is bad enough that this is an activity that happens, but to make a documentary, which in the advert alone appears balanced, like anything they say is right or justified, is completely wrong.

They are completely wrong.

I would encourage anyone else appalled by the making of this documentary to please also complain.

Animals do not have a voice of their own, we have to be the ones taking the steps to protect them.

And I’m not some brainwashed PETA hugging idiot either, I just have compassion.

I just care about animals.

I also believe not enough is done to punish those that abuse them, and hope this changes.


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Thankfully there’s other people in this world that feel the way I do.

Comment by hilluhhry

Thank you for speaking out !!! These dogs need all the help they can get

Comment by hilluhhry

Dog fighting is so disgusting! The people who treat animals like this should be who we use to do our ‘testing’ on, instead of innocent animals. Have you seen the documentary ‘Earthlings’? Very hard to watch but very important for everyone to see.
I will re-blog this, I hope you don’t mind.

Comment by KaleverA

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Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves!!

Comment by KaleverA

No I don’t mind at all, thank you for commenting :]

Comment by allofthis182

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