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An update on my complaint.

So I wanted to update with the response I received, really quickly might I add, after I made the complaint to Channel 4 regarding the documentary that will be airing tomorrow night about dog fighting.

“Dear [full name removed],

Thank you for your email around the upcoming Cutting Edge documentary, Going to the Dogs.

Whilst we appreciate your point of view, we believe that this observational documentary is a subject which is very much in the public interest. The RSPCA reported (in 2009) that the instances of dog-fighting had increased 400% over the preceding 3 years and that the growth in the ownership of specific breeds of what some classify as ?status dogs? had, in part, been associated with a rise in attacks on people. However, the premise of the documentary is not to demonise specific breeds, rather to bring into the public consciousness that the practise of dog-fighting is going on and it is something that we should all be aware of, particularly in respect of the health and welfare of the dogs involved. We were in touch with leading animal welfare organisations in advance of the broadcast.

Nevertheless, please be assured your complaint has been logged and noted for the information of those responsible for our programming.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact us. We appreciate all feedback from our viewers; complimentary or otherwise.


[full name removed]
Channel 4 Viewer Enquiries”

I realise in my complaint I did not address my opinion on the breeds that are obviously associated with dog fighting, and the thought never crossed my mind to do so, as it is not a breed problem. My complaint wasn’t about demonising a breed by airing this programme, because anyone with real sense knows the breed is nothing to do with it, other than they like the qualities of the particular breed they use due to the damage they can cause when trained in the way they do, which is a really sick reason to prefer a breed may I add. Its the people carrying out this activity and training these dogs, who happen to generally be certain breeds, that are leading to the breeds having a bad name.

If anything, I wanted to see some demonising of the people. From the clips on the advert I have seen, they show how animals are trained as far as with fitness etc, and I’m sure the even darker side is well explained in the narration during the actual documentary. How is showing people exactly what to do to participate in this activity going to stop it?

This is what concerns me, that airing all this information without the fact that this should not be happening stamped all over it and laced in all the opinions, seems more harmful than good to me.

Trying to say that it is in the public interest, I doubt people are actually unaware that this goes on. Animal attacks do happen due to dogs being trained inappropriately. News stories of cliques of people being arrested for participating in this kind of activity happen here and there, as well as being mentioned in newspapers or when a documentary about animal shelters is on and the topic inevitably comes up, because of course shelters rescue these poor dogs that are in often horrific condition, and through no fault of their own, at times need to be euthanised as they can never be rehabilitated to live with humans normally again.

Dog fighting is not a dog problem, its a people problem.

We do not stick people in an arena and give them weapons to fight to the death any more.

We do not put people in an arena and feed them to the lions just to watch any more.

Why is it still acceptable to this small but very harmful amount of the population of the world to do this to animals?

I really hope that the tone of the documentary is condemning of the people and that it just doesn’t come across that way in the advert they created, otherwise I really can’t fathom how they could release it into the world tomorrow evening in good conscience.


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