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I feel like reality has changed forever.
August 12, 2014, 1:00 am
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Although it is always sad when anyone in the public eye dies, especially if the circumstances are tragic, like suicide, there are always varying degrees of what effect it will have on your actual life.

Finding out Robin Williams died today, I genuinely feel like something profound has been lost.

As such a huge part of my childhood in all of the films and shows hes been associated with, I certainly feel genuine loss, like the world is now forever different and a little less light.

I have heard before that he has had personal problems, when talking on talk shows and it is inevitably brought up, but I would have never ever thought this was a possibility. The actor that played Genie in Aladdin and Mrs Doubtfire could want to and actually take his own life, especially with something like a sequel to the latter finally in the works after all this time.

I didnt expect to feel how I do. I shed tears and felt pain when first reading a post in my feed, the first one to mention it, and didnt 100% believe it, until I realised to the right there it was, trending. It was real.

I guess you can never really know what is going to affect you and how until it actually happens.

63 is rather young to go, and seemingly almost rather old to go in how he did.

As someone who suffers from severe depression myself, I unfortunately understand the mindset, which I think almost makes it worse that this happened to him and escalated finally to this point.

Rest in peace, you will be, and are already missed.