This war is noise.

October 1, 2014, 5:46 am
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I would say I’m having a bad day, but its more like I’m having a bad life.

I’m having alot of pain, theres so much to do and money is getting so irritating.

After a long day, I finally gifted myself something to make myself feel better – a bath.

I busted out the lush stuff, made sure there was plenty of hot water etc, then everything just turns to nightmare.

Scalded my foot, had to empty half of the good water out having to mess with taps to deal with my foot, could barely do the tasks I generally carry out, took way too long, then the towels smelt funny as the washing machine needs a cleaning thing put through it and just nothing would go right.

I have a very busy head right now, which all results in the overbearing thought of wanting to die, or escape. All the potential conversations I could ever have with the few people who’d notice, justifying or explaining why I should or need to, are just whirring around my mind.

I hope this will pass sooner rather than later.

Hopefully I’ll finally get to sleep soon.