This war is noise.

Is this real?
July 3, 2015, 12:23 am
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Apparently sort of, but not actually.

So hopefully I’ll get the replacements. How could you send me fake looking stickers etsy seller?! :O

I’ve had the most insane week.

My anxiety has been totally up on the top levels the entire time because so much has been going on, or has needed to be done, and I feel like I’m getting less sleep, or sleeping at less helpful hours, so my “real time hours” are diminished and putting even more pressure on me.

Counselling today was a nice break, despite the rowdy goings-on next door, outside of a pub, bad singing and roaring, but with the heatwave they’d hardly be inside I suppose.

Practising mindfulness was the aim for today, using the “raisin exercise”.

When first presented with these kinds of exercises, I always cringe. I hate the focus to be on me physically doing something. So anything I have to physically do that’s out of the ordinary really makes me uncomfortable.

But I know this is a safe place to do so, so despite feeling awkward, and acknowledging it, I do continue the exercises, and by the end, it’s always okay.

I’ve always found mindfulness practice outside of trying to get to sleep hard to do because I end up feeling so self aware, so doing it with something physical rather than my breathing when making my way around the wider world should make things easier for me.

Speaking of sleep, I really should try and get to that earlier than I have been lately, as early as I can by now anyway, as it’s 1:23am now.


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