This war is noise.

Sorry, I’m late.
March 9, 2018, 4:44 am
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Hello 2018.

I realise it has been a long time since I last typed anything here. I just finished reading what I last posted and already I can feel the difference in that space and time. As an update to the last little paragraph, I still havent found any of those positive and supportive people I was looking for, and still am, but hopefully that will change soon. I’m hoping for just positive change in general.

Last year included some major losses. Chester Bennington from Linkin Park and Kim Jonghyun from SHINee. I really wish I’d been listening to the latter from the start, but as SHINee were debuting in ’08, I was bedbound in agony and not Korean lol so I can forgive myself I suppose. As far as Chester, it was so strange to experience losing someone you’ve listened to since you were 11/12 years old, that was part of opening up a genre in my life, in the middle of an album cycle, with a new video just out too. After 17 years, it really hurt actually, I was surprised at just how bad. I think when you find your bands as an early teen right up until you hit your 20s, you kinda always expect those to be there and then to hear about them when you’re a good bit older either dying well after retiring, or if they’ve been ill or something perhaps, but Chester taking his life, after Chris Cornell, was very hard to take.

I would really appreciate it if 2018 could keep pain to a minimum, after 2016 and 2017, I think we’ve earned a break. I’ve been having trouble sleeping the last few days so I thought I would try getting my thoughts out. I’m starting to have a fair bit of extra pain, especially with my neck, so hopefully when my sleep pattern improves that will go away, otherwise I might have to ask for the pain gel again.

I hope all is well and that 2018 will be a good year.