This war is noise.

Been 10 days this time lol.
December 17, 2010, 2:23 am
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Im not exactly sure why I havnt been writing much in here, cos I have had stuff to talk about.

I’ve had a few days that were pretty good :]

Been talking alot more, counsellings going well.

Almost sorted for christmas.

Havnt heard from Nathan in 8 days now.

Im hoping I’ll hear from him soon.

I think I didnt type much for a little bit cos I felt a bit isolated? I wasnt hearing much from people, but in the past few days I’ve heard from people, even people I hadnt heard from in a long time, which has been nice :]

Tonight I guess I took to writing cos I was kinda sick of lying in bed crying.

I’ve been upset for a couple hours now really…having a down phase.

I have eaten well and stuff, its just, a certain conversation has started off a spiral of thoughts for me.

And so I started watching something to try and take my mind off it, but it kinda made things a little worse for me.

Not that Im not happy for the couple I watched lol esp a guy from where Im from, its reminds me of why I was sad in the first place.

Feeling like Im not going to be so lucky.

That Im going to have to struggle through my life on my own.

Because I get those thoughts alot. And Im aware of things that have contributed it, my entire life lol but yeah.

I just wish things were different I suppose.


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